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Guangzhou Events

It’s been busy days here in Guangzhou, China. After the madness of holidays I have finally settled into my regular schedule of 6 days and try and make the most of the free time I have. I’m down to three … Continue reading

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National Day in China

I had planned a trip with some friends to the Island of Heinan, but everything went wrong, there was some force that did not want this trip to the island to happen. It turns out it was a blessing, because … Continue reading

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World Expo 2010

Having only two days in Shanghai, I had no plan to attend the world expo. Once I caught glimpses of the great pavilions from across the river however, I could think of nothing else I would rather do with my … Continue reading

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Greetings from Shanghai

Mid-Autumn Festival sent me on a spontaneous trip to Shanghai, where a Typhoon painted an eerie beauty in the sky, public art awaited and a surprise adventure filled my time. Shanghai is an exciting, beautiful and largely populated city with … Continue reading

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