The Loft and St. Patty’s day!

The Loft

The Loft

So for ST. Patty’s day I was taken to a great little bar/gallery called the loft which my friends love and I had never been to mostly because I am so exhausted and lazy when my week is over. So, the holiday was the perfect occasion. After an awesome dinner a cantonese restaurant where they serve the world famous pork candy we headed out by metro to the loft.
Situated on the third floor of an apartment building which has been converted to an artist live work space, it is a place that can only be found through word of mouth and guidance. A lot of memories of Berlin filled my head as I hit up the bathroom upon arrival. Covered in graffiti and barely covered by broken doors it felt weirdly at home.

The Loft itself has windows for walls and is dead center in the middle of the floor. The gallery is filled with couches and comfy nooks, lined with art from local artists and even includes a pool table and fussball. The beer is cheap, 15RMB for a 32 oz. beer, which is incredible for Guangzhou. There is also live music, frisky cats and weird salamander like fish.

Ian Smith Trio

Love Potion Films

Lum Lum's New Nails

The night was mellow, no crowds, and I had a blast shooting the shit with friends. This place will definitely fill my future. Lujiang Metro exit C and then good luck!

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  1. young - old lady says:

    that looks like my kinda of place, reminds me of the bathroom in MarsBar

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