Spring in Guangzhou

Spring in Guangzhou

ESL 300

Anne and Kobe

Daren always working so hard

My teaching experience in China has been pretty great. I’m afforded my own creativity lesson planning which really makes the experience more rewarding as well as more of a journey. As of now I have had nine of my students move to America to start their journey  in the American college system. Last week I had two more students pass their visa and they will heading to San Francisco at the end of the month. I’m so excited for them.

I’m currently teaching ESL 300 which is just one level lower than my last University Readiness Program. 3 teenage girls and one boy, class can be a little on the rowdy side, but so much fun all the same. I think that teaching teenagers may be my favorite age, why? not sure, I think I find the challenge addicting, and it reminds me of how important and dramatic everything was at that age.

Justin Bieber's number one fan!

I was even awarded the opportunity to read the Justin Bieber biography with one of my students when we had a couple of one on one classes. So quiz me! (Although I still have no idea what his music sounds like.)

Saying good – bye to students is always hard, especially Roy since he has been here at AAE since before I arrived. Of course I love seeing them go, to take their next journey of life in America. Like every good goodbye in China it involves a great dinner. The dinner we had fro Roy was small and his last night and Nathan picked very traditional place in Dongshankou.


Easter and New Babies

The most beautiful time for me in Guangzhou so far is the rainy spring. The humidity has hit full blown and sweat has become a part of my daily life. I like to imagine that I am sweating out the last couple years of my life. The rain is hard, the sky dark and blue and purple and the lightning storms are what dreams are made of. The temperature is so high that getting wet is not bothersome and almost allows a cool release from the heat.  An umbrella is necessary at all times, but walking through the city this time of year   is dreamy. The air is clean, the tree’s and flowers are in bloom and the streets are filled with new fresh fruits.

Tomato Carts

Pineapple Sticks

Dragon fruits, dragon eyes, Mangosteens, papaya’s, mango’s and tomatoes so sweet it’s better than candy.

Egg Crate Waffle Iron

Now that the Asian games is over the street food has come back out in full force as well.   Thin wraps stuffed with hot dogs and eggs, Muslim BBQ, various dumplings and dim sum, congee and breads, steamed buns and pickled everything. Life is good in Guangzhou.
I have to say though, if one does not want to partake in Chinese food, there is a great German restaurant called 1920 right on the river just  short walk down from Haizhu square. Really good traditional food with the portions to match, great imports of beer and a beautiful patio garden for dining.

1920's Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin

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