Dinghu Shan

Dinghu Shan

Daren and I finally got a chance to make it back to Zhaoqing, although that wasn’t really the destination we wanted at all. We headed to the Dinghu Mountain which is one the four most important mountains in Guangdong province and also a UNESCO site for it’s biological diversity. It is a very small mountain but well preserved none the less.

The beginning of the path to the waterfall

Although there is still a great deal of vehicle access to the national park, the rivers streams and waterfalls can only be reached by foot.
We spent the day climbing the narrow paths and stairways and paths to the top most reachable area of the mountain which contains the largest Ding in the world. A vessel which was first made in the Shang dynasty and was used for many things including cooking. Its shape is round and it contains three legs, now today, the Ding is a symbol of gaining power.


Like most places in China which contain nature, there is not much solitude to be found. Surrounded by hundreds of people it was still a beautiful and fresh experience from the over polluted Guangzhou. There should be a direct bus to the park though we did not discover this until our return. Oh and remember, even though there are pictures of people swimming, it is really not allowed.

Daren braving the waters

One of my favorite parts of the day was watching Daren swim across only to be shouted out by a guard, haha. Stupid Americans!

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