Final days in GZ

My Last Week in Guangzhou

Mausoleum of Nanyue King

Another great relic of history discovered accidentally by construction to build a mall, this tomb which dates back to it’s demise by the Han in 111 B.C.
I believe this is the first time that the area that is now Guangzhou today was established as a kingdom.

The museum has two main parts, the actual tombs where the relics and remains of the second king were found, and the display floors where most of the jade, jewelry and various artifacts which were found among the body are preserved and displayed. It is a massive museum which covers a large space so as to not damage any future unearthings.

Take Metro to Yuexiu Gongyuan / park and follow exit signs to Museum

Temple of Six Banyan Trees

17 story pagoda

A beautiful Pagoda and worshipping sight in the heart of the city not far from Ximen Kou Metro, this temple houses the 17 story pagoda and various worshipping sights with Indian and Thai Buddha’s as well as some Chinese.

Thai Buddha

Although all six Banyan trees do not exist today, it is still a beautiful place to see some exotic and unique Buddha’s on display and also a great place to catch your breath in the middle of the busy city.

The Guangdong Museum of Art

This modern building that lies on the southern side or Ersha island and faces the Pearl river, houses the largest display of contemporary art in China. Most of the contemporary pieces still carry a great sense of pride and dedication toward the cultural revolution and seems heavily influenced by propaganda art of the past.
Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Canton Tower

Center axis facing north

Emphasizing the idea that China wants to have the biggest and tallest of everything, the Canton tower was for a short time considered the largest tower in the world only to be surpassed by Japan this year. Still a beautiful and unique piece of architecture it was designed by a dutchman and was primarily built for the Asian Games 2010. It contains multiple observation decks and a spider walk that covers 30 floors and circles the outside of the tower.
The APM now goes straight to the tower or it can also be reached by line 5. The price is a steep 150RMB and the spider walk is an additional 100RMB. When I visited the top outside deck with moving bubble cars was not yet open to the public, but as of August it should be open.

such an amazing city

I definitely recommend visiting this tower at least once and the best time to go is n the late afternoon and take the spider walk at sunset which gives you a variety of lighting and colors among the tower and beautiful views of the city.
The only downside to the spider walk is that no cameras are allowed, so you must pay if you wish to keep any images which are available through your tour guide who follows you around with a camera.

Anne’s Family Spoils us with a Good – Bye Dinner

Oh how I will miss my Chinese family. So much love and kindness was given to me. I was truly taken care of. To say good bye Anne’s family cooked a mighty feast. One which took hours and time in their tiny kitchen in Regal Court. Here’s a look at the magic and the dishes:

spicy fish

Battered Mussels

Bamboo and muchroom dish

The best: Marinated spicy cucumber with mushroom

Noodle with egg and hot dog, to be wrapped in lettuce

Anne's mom's famous chicken

Aunt and Father in the tiny kitchen

Anne's mom cutting up the game birds

Lianhuashan Resort

Also known as Lotus Hill, this wonderland resort, park temple, quarry lies jusr outside Panyu district of Guangzhou in Shiziyang.

Complete with lotus gardens, manmade stone quarry, a view of the industrious part of the Pearl river and a golden Buddha and temple, this amusement park like wonderland is a great day trip away from Guangzhou.

Summertime is the best time to view this garden because of the blooming of the Lotus.

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